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Jawad Azizi, 28-year-old son of the Founder and Chairman of leading real estate firm Azizi Developments, is forming his own holding company, Jawad Holdings. With plans to invest millions of dollars into the Dubai real estate sector, Jawad is establishing the entity, which is unassociated with his fathers firm, in November 2018, bringing all of his companies under one umbrella firm.


Jawad Azizis real estate development company, Meilenstein, his joinery firm Artigianato, the fit-out contractor Mon Palais, Alawooz Calssifieds and JMA Supermarket, will all be part of Jawad Holdings.


Meilenstein, which features eight construction projects across MBR City, Al Furjan, Dubai Studio City and Dubai Sports City, is planning to spend USD 326m on its projects across Dubai.


Studio City and Al Furjan are prime locations in Dubai [and both have] lots to offer with flexible payment plans and affordable residential units, Azizi said.


Dubai Studio City has the right combination of planned infrastructure and a dynamic business environment located in the heart of the city.


Coming from a family of real estate developers, Azizi has decided to pursue his own path in life. He is excited to form Jawad Holdings, calling it the next step in investing in the remarkable, high-potential emirate that is Dubai.


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